Junk Removal Virginia Beach

Junk Removal Virginia Beach

Get rid of junk the lazy way!! Contact Dialahaul of Virginia Beach the junk pick up people. We pick up all types of junk. Our service is fast and reliable. If you need it gone, we can make it happen. Bypass the dumpster rental service and let up come to your home or place of business and remove your Virginia Beach rubbish. Do you have a pile of old mattresses? Maybe you have old furniture that is just in the way. Pile us up with your trash and debris junk that is too over whelming for you to removal and haul away by yourself. Don’t pay a lot of money for junk removal Virginia Beach. Review our pricing system which is cheaper than many other Junk and Rubbish removal services in Hampton Roads.


Small Junk Removal package: 90 Dollars

This package is our bare minimum. We will pick up at least 1 pickup truck size load or below for 90 dollars. This includes all types of junk that you may have laying around including clothing, metal, appliances, bags of leaves and brush. Basically anything that will fill up a standard pick up truck.

Junk removal Virginia Beach


Medium Junk Removal Package: 180 Dollars

This junk removal Virginia Beach package is equivalent to two pick up trucks full of trash and debris such as the items listed in the small package. This option is great for those want to get rid of multiple mattresses, box springs, dressers, cabinets and other junk items that may fill up two pick up trucks. A great option for those with a 10 by 10 storage unit

Large Junk removal Package: 270 dollars

This package is perfect for those who are trying to clean out a 1 car garage or a 10 by 20 storage unit that is filled with all kinds of junk and unwanted items that are not junk but the you just want to get rid of. All types of junk is accepted with all of our packages.

Extra large junk removal package (Price Varies)

The extra large package is our largest option and depends on what you are trying to get rid of. This option is ideal for estate clean outs, office clean out forclosure clean outs etc. We will have to make a visit to  you in order to assess what you have because many things have to be considered that cannot be assessed over the phone. For instance, you may have so much debris and junk that it may require a roll off dumpster to get rid of our junk. Or you may have items located upstairs or in the basement. Contact us now for junk removal Virginia Beach and Save money.

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